Chai Kennels
All Puppies come with:
*Goldendoodles come with GANA registration
*24 month health guarantee
*first needle
*blanket that smells like mom
*collar and leash
*sample bag of puppy food
*Treated with Revolution for litters born between June and September

***All puppies sold on non-breeding contract unless arrangements are
While Puppies are Here
*exploring the house and getting used to an open crate at 4 weeks
* going outdoors to play/pee (weather permitting) at 5 weeks
*crate training and house training starts at 6 weeks.
*no more papers and locked in crates at night time starts at 7 weeks.
*Puppies stay here with us and their mother until they are 8 weeks old.
Pups will have their own crate from 6-8 weeks here and will eat and
sleep alone from 7 weeks on.

All puppies are handled daily from the time they are born, and are used
to being underfoot and the sounds of a normal household.  
They are all exposed to the cat and horses making new contacts with new
animals easy.

We use positive reinforcement to train the pups.

We use a bell on the door handle to train pups to ring bell to go
(highly effective, can buy here for $12.00)

Picking of the puppies
Picking goes in order of deposit given.
Sex must be decided on/before the pups are 1 week old
Pups must be chosen by 3 weeks old.
This helps me to know which pups are available and for the families to
Visiting policy
Visits are welcome.  We do ask that you do not bring your animals from
home to visit the pups here.  This stresses the mamas and puts our pups
at risk of parasites.
Health Guarantee and Contract
Click here for a copy of our health guarantee and contract that every
puppy buyer will be required to sign prior to taking home their new pup.
Health Guarantee & Contract
Payment for puppies
*$200.00 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your place in the
picking of the pups.
*Personal checks are accepted for deposits.

*Full payment is required at eight weeks or time of pick up which ever
comes first.
*if paying with Paypal or personal cheque 14 days must be given before

*first pick goes in order of deposits given.

*puppies that don't get picked up by their 9 week birthday will be
subject to a $20.00/day charge due to the training that goes into pups
of this age.  IE: crate, potty, and leash

Frequent questions about us:

Why do we breed doodles?  
For the love of the retriever for the many people with allergies

What is the difference between a hybrid and a mutt?  
A hybrid is two purebred parents bred together.
A mutt is " of unknown heritage"
All our dogs are registered purebreds or out of two registered purebreds.

How do we look after so many dogs properly?
We are a family of six that all work home.  
The dogs are part of the family and are always around us.

Are Doodles hypoallergenic?
For those people allergic to dander: they do very well.  Although only
true purebred hypoallergenic dogs are 100%

Poodles are a great choice for people with severe allergies to dander.

For those people allergic to saliva:  Unfortunately there is no such
thing as a hypoallergenic dog in terms of saliva, however a great deal
of people will become tolerant to their own dog after a few weeks.  This
goes for any breed of dog.

What is F1 / F1b?
F1 = Purebred Retriver bred to Purebred Poodle
F1b = Doodle bred to Poodle, thus 75% poodle
GANA Grading Scheme

Health Testing
We have not always done health testing on our breeders due to cost and
it being controversial.
However, in the last couple of years as our relationship with vets and
other breeders have strengthened we have seen more and more hip
dysplasia in both young and matured dogs.
We at Chai Kennels do not want to burden families with vet bills and
broken hearts as they watch their pups suffer.
To date we have never had a problem, we are praying that God will bless
us with the dog we currently own passing.

We are now going through all our dogs as funds allow testing for:
-eyes through
- hips through OFA
-Elbows through OFA
-Hearts through OFA
-vWd for our poodles through OFA

Any of our dogs that do not pass will not be bred again and will be
looking for a loving family.
Please remember that these are our pets and we will be very fussy on
where they go.
Our price will be going up with the litters of health tested litters to
account for the cost of testing.
Please visit our "past dogs" page to understand that not ever dog makes
the cut to be a parent dog.
We do not breed any dog with any food allergy, aggression, lack of
social skills, trainablity or failure to meet breed standards.

Microchips can quickly aid in the location of your pet if for some
reason they run away, get taken away or get lost while on vacation with
the family.
All veterinarian clinics and shelter have scanners that can scan your
pet and get your name and contact information to get your pet home as
quickly as possible.
Price: $35.00 for cat or dog
note: we reserve the right to decline from any animal that shows
We do have a small store here at our home with most of the things you
will need for your puppy.
Please take the time to check us out, prices are all low when compared
to pet stores.
We thank you for your patronage.

Friends of Chai Kennels:
Hazy Daisy Doodles --- F1b Goldendoodles;F1b Labradoodles
Golden Ridge  ---  CKC Golden Retrievers
Tina (756-3536)  --- German Shepherds
Sportsman Poodles  - CKC Standard Poodles
Fiume Kennels  ---  Lagotto Romagnolo
Caisteal Kennels -  Yorkshire Terriers

Hannah Watters  ---apprentice groomer in Elgin area

Pro Canine Training Academy ---Great training in all areas
Mountain Range Ranch - farrier work & horse training

Cassidy Lake Boarding Kennel ---Boarding in Hampton area

Maritime Animal Hospital  --- We have been using this vet hospital for
12 years and have never had anything but good reports for anything.  
They have a team of four vets with an amazing staff to help out.  
Also they offer a complimentary visit for any of our pups for the ten
days following sale to check out the pup and to answer any questions you
may have.

Other Services:
Foulgers Custom Saddlery - Makes and repairs saddles
Rover pet control - Underground fencing, great prices and service
Michael & Lisa Ross   ~   188 Gowland Mountain Road   ~   Elgin, NB   ~   E4Z-1T4   1-506-756-8583