Chai Kennels
~Upcoming Litters~
All deposits are placed on ONE list.
Each time we have a litter we start at the top of the list and work our way down.
This way no one gets bumped if litter is smaller then expected or if a female does not get pregnant.
We also reserve the right to cancel any planned litter if they cycle to close together, this is to prevent having too
many pups in the house at one time.
***We only breed a litter if we already have half the litter pre-sold
F2 Goldendoodles
Esther and Rufus will be bred in Winter of 2017/2018  
This will be Esthers second litter, but Rufus's first.  Esther was bred to his dad Olaf
last year, we had some weak coats so correcting that with Rufus's strong coat with this
litter.  Expecting the same great temperament as her last litter which we are quite
pleased with.
GANA Reg.   ~~~    Red & Apricot   ~~~   35-45lbs   ~~~   Price: $1600.00
F2 Goldendoodles
Rosie and Yoshi Jack are planning on a litter later this winter.  
If Yoshi isn't quiet ready yet then we will reschedule for the following heat cycle in
This is the first litter for both of them.
Rosie is out of Nelly and Olaf's litter two years ago.  
Yoshi is a grand baby of ours, grandson to Moses and Naomi, son of Sarah and Tobias.
GANA Reg.   ~~~    Red & Apricot   ~~~   35-45lbs   ~~~   Price: $1600.00
F1b Goldendoodles -SOLD
Anna and Tobias had a beautiful litter of 7 red and cream pups.
This is Anna's fourth and final litter before her much deserved retirement.  
She has been a natural mom that loves her pups and takes each day with ease.
We are thankful for each puppy that has been a blessing to the families they live with.
GANA Reg.   ~~~    Red & Apricot   ~~~   45-70lbs   ~~~   Price: $1600.00
F1b Goldendoodles
Olaf and Olive had a litter this past summer and are planning to have another next
summer if all goes as planned.  These will be smaller pup with quiet dispositions.
These are grand puppies of ours, coming from Daniel and Joanna on one side.
GANA Reg.   ~~~    cream   ~~~   30-40lbs   ~~~   Price: $1600.00
F1 Goldendoodles
Jemma and Daniel are planning another litter in summer of 2018.
Last litter turned out beautifully with the pair of them and we are looking forward to
seeing more pretty faces, calm pups, and easily taught dispositions.
GANA Reg.   ~~~    cream   ~~~   50-70lbs   ~~~   Price: $1600.00