(Therapeutic Medical Alert Service Dogs)

Is located in NS and serve the Maritimes with their services.
They train pups and dogs to do a variety of things like:
~Helping veterans get their lives back that suffer from post traumatic stress
~Seizure alert dogs
~Children with Autism to be a steady stable companion

They are a non-profit organization that trains and places the dogs.  
They are always in need of help through time, money and prayers.

If you are able to help out with a donation:
Donations go toward things like vet expenses, food, travel and resources to aid in the
training of the pups
~ please click here to take you to their website:
We also will accept donations here and will make sure they get them

Also they are looking for puppy homes.  
~These homes take service puppies in training into their home and take them everywhere
they go for socialization.  Also they teach them the basics like potty training and obedience.  
These homes need lots of time and patience to provide a happy consistent environment to
the pups to grow into good dogs that will be trained for a specific task.  The dog then leaves
the puppy home and goes with the trainer.
If you think this may be for you please contact Rhonda at:
Chai Kennels
Michael & Lisa Ross   ~   188 Gowland Mountain Road   ~   Elgin, NB   ~   E4Z-1T4