Why do we use guardians?
In the past we kept all our dogs here with us.  Then as the years past and
dogs retired we would home them with families.
This was very hard on our family, and possibly harder on the dog then it
needed to be.  Which is the reason we do guardianship of some of our dogs.
That way our children can be free to bond without fear of loosing their dogs
that live here all the time (Lydia, Sarah-Jane,Joanna and Duncan)

It is also great for the dogs.
They come back when they need vaccines, time for breeding, or when their
families are away.  This way they know who their family is and love them as
the family pet they deserve to be but also have regular play days here with
us on the farm.

What is the responsibility of the guardian family?
*Keep him/her safe and not let him run loose without control
*Be responsible for his grooming
*Be responsible for proper training
*Have him/her available to Chai Kennels at request for:
- Health testing, vaccines, to be bred, or if buyers want to see them.
*Notify Chai Kennels if anything abnormal happens or injuries take place
*Be willing to help with transferring him between her guardian home and Chai Kennels
*Will keep communication open between guardian and Chai Kennels
*Will keep all intact females away from him when they are in season (males)
*will bring her to Chai Kennels one week prior to whelp and leave her there until weaning
*Notify Chai Kennels as soon as she comes into season even if not being bred.
Keep in tact males away from her for the entire duration of her heats
Keep her within site while outdoors while in season.
*Look after flea and tick medication

What do we do for our guardian families?
*Pay for their yearly vaccines
*Supply all dog food
*Be responsible for all breeding expenses
*Have him/her neutered at the end of her career at our expense
*Transfer ownership and papers over to guardian at the end of her career
*Will make the transfer between guardian home and Chai Kennels as pleasant as possible
*Will keep communication open between guardian and Chai Kennels
*Offer free board when guardian is away
*Breed him maximum of 10 times a year for 5-8 years. (males)
*Breed her once a year for 3-5 years (females)
*Do our best to keep guardian in the loop as to what plans we have.
*Board while family is on vacation (max 7 days a year)
Chai Kennels