Health Guarantee

1.        Your new puppy is guaranteed for a two year period for the disease of hip dysplasia.   If the puppy develops
hip dysplasia then Chai Kennels will refund 50% of the purchase price.  If the hip dysplasia is severe and requires
euthanasia then Chai Kennels will replace your puppy with a puppy of equal or greater value, as soon as a suitable
replacement becomes available.

2.        Your new puppy is guaranteed for a period of two years for life inhibiting genetic defects.

3.        If this pup dies in the seven days following the date of possession, a report of the veterinary will be
necessary (or autopsy) to know the reason of the death.  If the death of the animal was caused by negligence or
could have been avoided, the pup will not be replaced and no refunded expenses will be paid.  If the cause of death
was the fault of the seller than Chai Kennels will replace the pup with a pup of equal or greater value as soon as a
suitable replacement becomes available.

4.        We do our best to keep all our puppies’ parasite free, however sometimes they occur, this is the
responsibility of the new owners to treat and prevent them.

5.        This pup was seen by our veterinarian before being sold and was in good health.  However we strongly advise
you to take your new pup to your own vet within the first three days after you bring it home.

6.        This guarantee is not transferable; it applies only to the original purchaser.

7.        There are no refunds for the pup in the case of allergies to this pup, or for any other reason not stated in
this contract.

8.        Chai Kennels take no responsibility for any veterinarian costs whatsoever after the puppy leaves the
premises of Chai Kennels.

9.        We at Chai Kennels expect

1.        That  proper care go into making sure the pup does not have excessive exercise before 1 year of age
2.         Will always be kept safe.
3.         Will never be allowed to roam at large.
4.         Will never be put in a shelter.
5.         Will always have proper veterinary care.
6.         Will always be loved and looked after.
7.         If for any reason these cannot be carried out the pup is to be returned to Chai Kennels to find a suitable
new home.
8.        I agree to have this pup spayed/neutered by one year of age.
9.        This dog is sold on a non-breeding contract and I agree not to breed it.

Purchase price $___1600________                     Microchip # _________________________________
Breed: Goldendoodle     Color:____________    Sex: ____       DOB:  ____________

I the purchaser have read and am completely satisfied and agree to adhere to the above

Date:  ___________________________________________ 2019

Signature of buyer:    _________________________________________

Signature of seller:    _________________________________________
Chai Kennels