Chai Kennels
~Upcoming Litters~
All deposits are placed on ONE list.
Each time we have a litter we start at the top of the list and work our way down.
This way no one gets bumped if litter is smaller then expected or if a female does not get pregnant.
We also reserve the right to cancel any planned litter if they cycle to close together, this is to prevent having too
many pups in the house at one time.
***We only breed a litter if we already have half the litter pre-sold

If intersted in a pup please:
1- Read through our website
2- Write down any questions you have
3- Fill out the questionnaire
4- Email us to schdule a good time for you to come visit
Muliti-gen Goldendoodles
Marshall and Esther planning a litter this spring
Pups will all have wavy coats
GANA Reg.   ~~~    black and reds   ~~~   30-40lbs   ~~~   Price: $1600.00
Muliti-gen Goldendoodles
Marshall and Rosie are hoping to have a litter in summer.
This is only if Rosie comes into season far enough after Esther does.  
Will update in time.
Pups will have wavy coats
GANA Reg.   ~~~    black and reds   ~~~   30-40lbs   ~~~   Price: $1600.00
F1b Goldendoodles
Olaf and Julia are hoping to have a litter in fall.
This is also assuming that she and the gals ahead of her cycle with enough time
Check back for updates.
Pups will have wavy and curly coats, non shedding
GANA Reg.   ~~~    black and reds   ~~~   25-35lbs   ~~~   Price: $1600.00