Why buy a puppy
from Chai Kennels?
From the day our puppies enter the world the children are close by.
Our adults dogs are all friendly and accept human visitors from day one.
They are all "people" dogs.  
That is all we do now and and will ever breed.
From 6-8 weeks the puppies are all over the place learning all kinds of new
Stairs, outdoor toys and stuff, snow in winter, swimming pools in summer,
ponies, chickens, rabbits and anything else that turns up.
Also go out in the car for lots drives.
By six weeks potty training is well underway.
They go outdoors several times a day now and get the kids and big dogs to
make them feel safe and happy out there.
We have a large puppy pen that is safe from anything that can hurt them.
At five weeks they start to roam the house.  
Playing with new toys, learning all about kitties.
Learning so many valuable things about life as a pet and getting accustomed to
all the sights and sounds that go with it.
Puppy mush is introduced between 3-5 weeks depending on milk supply and
litter size.
Puppies love their new found food.
At four weeks they have a large pen in the living room.
Crates, pads, toys, blankets and water dishes.
Pups are locked in crates while we clean the pen to get them used to it.
At about 2-3 weeks old they pups are moved from the pool into a pen that they
can learn to walk around in.
Mom still has full access to the pups.
Our puppies go out in public as soon as their first needles take effect.
They go to the park, walk on leash, meet new people, run in fields, go to the
brook, sliding and anywhere else we go.
Where ever we go the puppies go.
Puppies are now seven weeks old.
They have the run of the living room all the time, and lots of time through the
house underfoot with the family and big dogs.

At night this is what we do with their crates.  
Each get their own to get them used to sleeping alone, also makes it easy to
get them out in the morning and through the night.
No more puppies pads from here out.  
Pups are all sleeping through the night by the time they go home at eight weeks.
The pups are whelped and kept in a toddlers swimming pool for this time to
keep them all together and keep them warm with a heating pad underneath.
This is the important time for the pups to develop with lots of growth in a short
time while we develop a schedule for them.
Mom also gets watched extra with lots of extra food and cleaning.

Pups also go out in the car 6-10 times in the first two weeks of their lives.
This corrects the inner ear before they can even hear and prevents car
sickness when they go home making happy less stressed puppies that are
happy and easy to take places.
The children spend tons of time in this pen holding the puppies.... and sleeping
with the puppies :)
Then off to a bigger pen where there is water, and toys to play with for new
things to do.
Also the crates are left with the doors off with cozy blankets inside to
encourage them to go inside, kids help with that.
Again, kids end up napping with the puppies :)
We use a bell to train our puppies to got outdoors.
We simply hand the bell on the door and ring it with the puppies paw each time
they go outdoors.  
Then listen for when they tell us it is time.
Our puppies go home with:

Well started on potty training
Crate trained and sleeping through the night
Well socialized
Lupine Collar and leash that properly fit with their microchip ID tag securely attached
Litter scented blanket hand made by us.  Makes transition easier.
24 month health guarantee
Goldendoodles registered with Goldendoodle Association of North America (GANA)
Poodles registered with Canadian Kennel Club (CKC)
Fully health checked and first vaccine given by Maritime Animal Hospital
Microchipped and registered in Worldwide system
Safe bone to chew that they have already had here as to not cause stomach upset
Safe toy to play with, also litter scented
Treated for worms every other week
Treated with flea prevention if born between April and September
Information and help sheets
Forever support from us.
When you buy a puppy from Chai Kennels you can count on getting a very well
socialized pup that knows his boundaries, has his tail wagging and loves life.

Our pups are well cared for in our home as part of our family.
They have lots of time with both the young and old.

Are properly fed high quality food, groomed properly, and reared properly.

Parent dogs are all good family dogs, with all their health clearances to make sure they
will produce good healthy pups that will serve as healthy companions for years to come.

We welcome and encourage visits with our puppies, our adults and our family.

When buying a pup make sure to ask questions, know how your pup is raised.  
Ask to view the kennel licence, the parents registration papers, their health clearances.
Get what you are paying for, get the best.